Oilsecret is a combination of nigella, castor, jojoba and sunflower vegetable oils.

The composition contains 100% natural ingredients, 73.3% of which is of organic origin.

These vegetable oils can promote growth, hydrate, nourish and repair hair in depth.

With its captivating scent with fruity notes, it is suitable for all hair or beard types.



Masksecret is a combination of avocado and jojoba vegetable oils, peppermint floral water distilled on aloe vera, and nettle extract.

The composition contains 99.2% natural ingredients, 24.9% of which is of organic origin.

It can enhance your hair by deeply hydrating and repairing the hair fiber.

Its fragrance is inspired by exotic fruity notes.

Suitable for all hair types.


Who are we ?

The creator of the islandsecret® brand was inspired by his personal experience and his numerous trips to Reunion Island where the adventure began.

In order to offer you, after two years of work and research, a range of high quality unisex hair and beard products. With a careful selection of the ingredients that compose them.

Concerned about the environment and nature, all our products are of organic and natural origin, cruelty free (not tested on animals).

There is also a refill alternative for the oilsecret range.

All our packaging is recyclable!